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Students of Color Leadership Conference 2018


2018 GLCA Students of Color Leadership Conference

Albion College

November 2-3, 2018



Purpose: This annual conference is hosted by a different GLCA school each year to provide students of color with the opportunity to encourage academic success; strengthen their skills of leadership and cultural awareness; develop effective activism skills; and network with their peers from similar institutions, backgrounds and experiences.

The intersectionality of identities for students of color at Historically White Institutions (HWI) can be complex, yet rewarding. The ability to connect with various cultures, individuals and communities allow students the opportunity to build relationships that foster academic success while maintaining a carefree sense of self. Yet many times the stress of balancing collegiate life, relationships and the demands of society lead to the neglect of self-care and wellness. The goal of this conference is to unite students with the idea of self-love, awareness and pride, while actively caring for their community.



The theme for the 2018 GLCA Students of Color Leadership Conference is, “This Isn't Anything New: Strategies for Survival and Success”.  Being a student of color at a predominantly white institution presents itself with a series of challenges as well as rewarding experiences.  The experiences of students of color on our campuses are nothing new – dealing with experiences of racism, discrimination, and other facets of oppression have been a part of the college experience.  We are calling for hour-long presentations and workshops that speak to our theme of offering students ways to be informed of the varied experiences on each of our respective campuses.  Presentations do not need to be identical to the conference theme, yet being relatable and creativity is desired. 

Below are some ideas that might assist with generating your presentation or workshop

Proposals will be due Monday, October 8th by 11:59 pm EST. 


Networking techniques for Students of Color

Healthy Self-Care

Cross-Cultural collaborations

Ways to increase retention rates for students of color

The role of intersectionality in college academic work

State of the GLCA for Students of Color



History of Students of Color at Predominantly White Institutions

What does activism in 2018 look like?

“Being the only one” – experiences being the ‘only one’ in white spaces

“Sistas, how y’all feel? Brothas, y’all alright”? Addressing mental health in communities of color

You are not alone: We got you (a session for first-year students of color) 


If you have specific questions regarding student presentations, please email


Preferred Location:
The Courtyard Marriott Albion is just a few blocks from campus.  Rooms have been reserved for the conference with a reservation deadline of October 9th.  We have been able to secure the following rates. Please note the Marriott rates do not include breakfast.  

Room Rates: **Not including Breakfast

Courtyard Marriott Albion


$99 for standard rooms ($119 if opt-in for breakfast)

$99 for standard King rooms for faculty/staff ($119 if opt-in for breakfast)

Additional King and Queen Suites are also available

Please follow the link below to book online at the preferred location.

Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

Book your group rate for Students of Color Leadership Conference

** There is a breakfast option at an increased price of $20 per room. After online booking, please contact the hotel at 517-629-8520 to add breakfast if desired. Pricing will be adjusted accordingly.


Additional Lodging Locations:

The Hampton Inn and the Holiday Inn are neighboring hotels in Marshall Michigan, roughly 13.5 miles from the college. Rooms have been reserved for the conference with a reservation deadline of October 19th. We have been able to secure the following rates.

Quality Inn, Marshall 


$129 for standard rooms (breakfast included)

Holiday Inn Express, Marshall


$129 for standard rooms (breakfast included)


Registrations must be submitted to Charla White at the GLCA office

For additional information, contact Charla White. 





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