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Tuition Remission Exchange Officers

GLCA Tuition Remission Exchange officers communicate with the TRE administrator at the GLCA office on a regular basis in the following ways: they supply the administrator with a copy of student applications and change-of-status forms; they provide updates to student lists two times each year; during the end-of-year reconciliation process, they provide the administrator with the necessary information to complete that process.

The TRE officers meet in fall of odd-numbered years to review the administration of the program, to provide a training session to new TRE officers, and to make updates to various forms as needed. In addition, new officers are encouraged to contact the TRE administrator at GLCA for an overview of the program as soon as possible upon assuming their responsibilities.

  • Albion College

    Lisa Locke,
    Director of Human Resources

  • Allegheny College

    Natasha Eckart,
    Assistant Director of Financial Aid

  • Antioch College

    Joanne Lakomski,
    Director of Human Resources

  • Beloit College

    Kris Duhr,
    Project Coordinator - Admissions & Financial Aid

  • Beloit College

    Betsy Henkel,
    Senior Associate Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

  • Denison University

    James Ables,
    Director of Human Resources

  • DePauw University

    Jana Grimes,
    Training and Employee Relations Specialist

  • DePauw University

    Susan Hacker,
    Human Resources Specialist

  • Earlham College

    Stephanie Bishop,
    Director of Human Resources and Operations

  • Grinnell College

    Brad Lindberg,

  • Hope College

    Lori Mulder,
    Director of Human Resources

  • Kalamazoo College

    Jennifer Williams,
    Human Resource Manager

  • Kenyon College

    Shirley O'Brien,

  • Oberlin College

    Kim Wiggerly,
    Compensation Manager

  • Oberlin College

    Mark McLeod,
    Director of Compensation and Benefits

  • Ohio Wesleyan University

    Scott Simon,
    TRE Officer

  • Wabash College

    Catherine Metz,
    Manager, Human Resources & Payroll

  • Willamette University

    Danita Chapin,
    Human Resources

  • Wittenberg University

    DeAnna Sullivan,
    Executive Assistant, Human Resources

  • Wittenberg University

    Randy Green,
    Director, Financial Aid

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