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2018-19 Global Course Connections Courses

Basic Writing Skills ENGL 101, Nadia, Iftikhar, English Language and Literature, Forman Christian College 
Freshman Composition I (WRI 101), Emilienne, Akpan, English Language and Literature, The American University of Nigeria

Gender Politics: Women's Agency and Activism in Latin America, Claudia , Andre, Modern and Classical Languages, Hope College
Escritoras y prensa siglo XIX, Alexandra, Astudillo, Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades, Universidad San Francisco de Qito

ANT-0251 – GÉNERO y SEXUALIDAD, María Amelia , Viteri, Department of Anthropology, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Women in a Global Society, Annie , Dandavati, Political Science/Women and Gender Studies, Hope College

Introduction aux textes francophones : « La rencontre littéraire des mortels et des fées », Christine, Armi, Modern Languages, Denison University
Topics in Psychoanalysis & Literature, Anne-Marie , PICARD, Department of Comparative Literature & English, The American University of Paris

PLSC 312 Theories of Comparative Politics, Ryan , Brasher, Political Science, Forman Christian College
PLSC 312 Theories of Comparative Politics, Joseph, Sun, Political Science, Forman Christian College
POL 151 Introduction to Global Politics, Virginia, Beard, Political Science, Hope College

Performance as Political & Social Act, Katerina, Nikolopoulou, Theatre Arts, American College of Greece
Transnational Social Movements, Jennifer, Johnson, Sociology, Kenyon College

MLL 215 Intermediate French I: Perspectives on French and Francophone Cultures, Krastanka, Bozhinova, Arts, Languages, and Literature, American University in Bulgaria
FREN 201 Intermediate French I, Pierrette, Sansone-Bares, French and Francophone Studies, Earlham College

The Birth of Medieval Europe: from Constantine to the First Crusade, Fabrizio, Conti, History and Humanities, John Cabot University
European Integration, Matthew , Schoene, Anthropology & Sociology, Albion College

Private Stories, Public Stories: Personal Narratives in Social/Historical Perspectives, Chryssa, Zachou, Sociology, American College of Greece
Oberlin History: Community-Based Learning & Research Practicum, Tania , Boster, Bonner Center & History, Oberlin College

Politics of Development, Mohammad Vaqas , Ali, Sociology, Forman Christian College
Sociology of Development , Michelle, Mood, Politcal Science & Asian Studies, Kenyon College

Improvisation, Marcela, Correa, Performing Arts , Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Advanced Modern Dance, Balinda, Craig-Quijada, Dance, Drama, Film, Kenyon College

Sociolinguistics, Muhammad, Abdullah, English, Forman Christian College
Sociolinguistics, Melpomeni, Ilkos, English and Modern Languages, American College of Greece

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