Athens Democracy Forum

Since 2017, the Global Liberal Arts Alliance has partnered with Deree-The American College of Greece to participate in the annual Athens Democracy Forum held in Athens, Greece. The Forum is organized by the Democracy and Culture Foundation, in association with the New York Times.

The 2024 Forum will explore the question “What is truth?” at a time when AI, conspiracy theorists and unscrupulous politicians are aligned to undermine fact, science, honesty, and respectful debate. In considering these challenges, the 2024 Athens Democracy Forum will open with a State of Democracy: Assessing the Mega Election Year session. Other sessions will include regional case studies (America’s Moment of Truth (Again); India and the Rise of Modi; The Middle East Powder Keg), “rethinking” sessions (Rethinking Journalism: A Crisis of Confidence; Rethinking Climate Tech: Promise or Pipe Dream?; Rethinking Faith: Vox Dei, Vox Populi; and, Rethinking Citizens: Who’s Listening?), Tools for Democracy sessions, and interactive workshops.

Call for Nominations for 2024

Information about our participation in the 2023 Forum can be found at the Youth Democracy Forum site.

2024 Call for Nominations – Students from schools in the Global Liberal Arts Alliance are selected through a competitive process, with up to two students per campus being nominated.

2024 Student Application – Full-time undergraduate students enrolled at an Alliance institution are eligible. Applications must go through your campus’ internal selection process.