Athens Democracy Forum

Since 2017, the Global Liberal Arts Alliance has partnered with Deree-The American College of Greece to participate in the annual Athens Democracy Forum held in Athens, Greece. The Forum is organized by the Democracy and Culture Foundation, in association with the New York Times. This year’s event will include virtual participation with free registration.

Through a competitive process, 25 students from 15 nations and 15 Alliance schools were selected to attend the 2020 Forum, “The New Abnormal: Reimagining Democracy”. Students worked virtually in small groups over the summer to consider the Forum themes from the perspective of youth from their parts of the world:

  1. Democracy in a Time of Crisis
  2. Beyond “Big Bad Tech”: A Search for Solutions
  3. Capitalism in a Post-Covid World
  4. Geopolitical Tectonics and Global Inequalities
  5. The Power of Belief
  6. From Street Protests to Government

As part of this work, the students produced short videos taking counterpoint positions on the Forum themes. Some of these videos will be shown at the Forum.

Preparation and program information can be found at Youth Democracy Forum.