Inter-Institutional Visits

The Alliance will provide coach class airfare, a modest allowance for other travel costs (e.g., parking, meals, mileage), and up to $150 for obtaining a visa, including using a visa expediter. The host campus agrees to provide lodging and some meals for the period of the visit.

Proposals for an inter-institutional visit should be submitted to Simon Gray by the president or chief academic officer of the institution requesting the visit. The proposal should describe the expertise requested, the person or persons who will be traveling to receive or provide the expertise, what the visitor(s) will do during the visit, and a tentative agenda for the visit. The request should indicate how the requesting institution will approach recommendations made as a result of the visit, including what resources will be available to fund implementation of recommendations.

An Alliance campus may apply for one inter-institutional visit per year. Available funding will limit the number of proposals that can be supported each year.