Alliance Professional Development Program

The Alliance Professional Development Program provides targeted professional development that has strong potential to have lasting impact on the requesting campus. The program has provided professional development support in the areas of admissions, accreditation, athletics, advancement, student life, writing centers, teaching and learning centers, and the design of new majors.

  1. A request for professional development must come from the provost or president’s office to ensure the request is an institutional priority. The proposal should describe the expertise requested, the person or persons who will be traveling to receive or provide the expertise, what the visitor(s) will do during the visit, and a tentative agenda for the visit. The request should indicate how the requesting institution will approach recommendations made as a result of the visit, including what resources will be available to implement recommendations.
  2. A request can involve an expert visiting a campus to give talks, workshops, and/or meet with faculty/staff, or it can be one or two faculty/staff from the requesting campus visiting one or more other campuses to meet with faculty/staff.
  3. The requesting campus submits a report on what was learned and how it will be applied.
  4. A campus may submit one request every two years. Annual funding support from the Alliance will be capped and once available funds are spent, no further trips will be subsidized that year.
  5. The Alliance will support round trip travel for one person per request – coach class airfare, a modest allowance for travel costs such as parking, meals, mileage, and up to $150 to obtain a visa. Additional members of a team will be supported by the requesting campus. Similarly, a campus agreeing to receive a visitor from the requesting campus will be asked to cover lodging and some meals for a single visitor for up to three days (two nights). Additional visitors or visit time will be funded by the requesting campus.
  6. The requesting campus will submit a report on the visit, including the visit schedule and steps that will be taken to build on what was accomplished during the visit.

Queries and proposals should be directed to Simon Gray, GLCA Program Officer for the Global Liberal Arts Alliance.