For Students

Athens Democracy Forum

The Athens Democracy Forum is held each fall in Athens, Greece. Convened by the Democracy & Culture Foundation in association with The New York Times, the Forum brings together governmental, non-governmental, and industry leaders to discuss the state of democracy around the world. The Global Liberal Arts Alliance sends a cohort of students to Athens for a week to share their experiences with democracy and to participate in the Forum, providing a global youth perspective on democracy and democratic processes.

Leadership Development Seminar

An engaged liberal arts education prepares students to exercise good leadership in their personal, professional, civic and philanthropic lives. Through a competitive application process, students from schools in the Global Liberal Arts Alliance are invited to a weeklong leadership development seminar. Participants learn about definitions of and models for leadership and apply what they learn to a project they bring to workshop to develop with insights provided by peers from other parts of the world.

For Faculty

Global Course Connections

The Global Liberal Arts Alliance Global Course Connections program has been offering connecting courses internationally for about a decade. Also known as Virtual Exchange (VE) / Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), these kinds of courses are being developed at colleges and universities around the globe as a resource-effective way to give students exposure to other parts of the world and other ways of thinking while enriching a course’s topics through different content and perspectives.

Alliance Institutes

Institutes bring together faculty, staff, and students from across the Global Liberal Arts Alliance to share their work (research, curricular and co-curricular programming, community engagement) on globally relevant topics such as water, global health, civic engagement, leadership, and transnational feminisms. These explorations encompass aspects of liberal education that Alliance schools have in common as well as the unique institutional contexts that shape each institution’s approach to the topic. Students participate in joint presentations with faculty and staff, and in student-only panels.

Oral History in the Liberal Arts

Oral History (OHLA) in the Liberal Arts is an initiative of the Great Lakes Colleges Association supporting community-based teaching and learning through interview projects that use tools for digital scholarship and storytelling. OHLA projects result in public-facing digital exhibits, as well as pedagogical strategies, reflections, and tutorials developed for OHLA’s online resource hub

Consortium for Teaching and Learning

The Consortium for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is an engaged community of faculty members who share a commitment to strengthening the quality of education and student learning at liberal arts colleges.  Through periodic consortial meetings of faculty, articles, webinars, and digital town meetings, the CTL provides resources and services in support of effective pedagogy across the colleges of the Global Liberal Arts Alliance. The CTL will become host to an expanded array of resources resulting from the collaborative work of faculty across Alliance member institutions.

For Faculty and Staff

Alliance Professional Development Program

Professional developments visits are short-term visits by faculty, staff, or administrators from one Alliance campus to another to address a request for expertise. In some cases, one or more Alliance personnel are brought to the requesting campus to run a workshop or consult with campus members. In other cases, a person or small team from the requesting campus travels to one or more Alliance campuses to consult with experts. The program does not support visits intended to explore creating or strengthening bi- or multi-lateral relationships among Alliance schools.