2022-23 Globally Connected Courses

Foundations of Marketing, Ilias Kapareliotis, American College of Greece
Copywriting, Shamail Zehra, Forman Christian College

WRI 101 Freshman Composition I, Emilienne Akpan, American University in Nigeria
Introductory Creative Writing, Pablo Peschiera, Hope College

Introduction to Global Health, Fareeda Griffith, Denison University
Fitness for Living, Abdelghani El Asli, Al Akhawayn University

Contemporary Environmental Issues, Elena Berg, American University in Paris
Invertebrate Zoology, Abigail Cahill, Albion College

Expository Writing: Language & Culture, Kristin VanEyk, Hope College
WRI 101 Freshman Composition I, Emilienne Akpan, American University in Nigeria

Lit 270: From Literature to Film, Natalie Suzelis, Antioch College
Adaptation – Literature to Film , Kunal Ray, FLAME University

Race and Racism, Jenny Grubbs, Antioch College
Magic and Witchcraft in Medieval and Early-Modern Europe, Fabrizio Conti, John Cabot University

ARTH 289: Art & Empire in the Long 19th Century, Nancy Demerdash, Albion College
World Theatre, Ashutosh Potdar, FLAME University

Developmental Psychology, Felix Diaz, American University in Bulgaria
Developmental Psychology, Tabassum Rashid, Effat University

Academic Writing and Research, Gina Kostoulias, American College of Greece
Writing and Communication 102, Adeel Khalid, Forman Christian College

Introduction to Research in Linguistics, Jane Mandalios, American College of Greece
Introduction to Research in Education, Syed Jaffer Gardezi, Forman Christian College

PR in Non-Profit Organizations, Emmanuel Skoulas, American College of Greece
PL 212 International Organziations, Silvia Scarpa, John Cabot University

Comparative Political Philosophy, Sharon Wesoky, Allegheny College
Political Psychology , Zed Gao, American University in Paris

History of Dance (Indian and Western), Priya Joshi, FLAME University
Choreography II, DANC 228, Kora Radella, Kenyon College

Introduction to Literary Theory, Curtis Gruenler, Hope College
Contemporary Literary Criticism, Qurratul Aen, Forman Christian College

Practicum in K-12 Course Design Utilizing Children’s Literature, Susan Pavlus, Oberlin College
Teaching Social Studies at Elementary Level, Ammar Husnain Khan, Forman Christian College

IDS 492-20 – Senior Seminar: Friendship and Community, Curtis Gruenler, Hope College
EDUC335 – Peace Education , Mehwish Raza, Forman Christian College

Modern to Contemporary in the Arab World, David Tresilian, American University in Paris
History of the Arab World, Paul Love, Al Akhawayn Universityv

Writing and Communication , Naomi Justin, Forman Christian College
English Level 6 Writing, Cristina Montufar, Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Fundamental of Psychology Science, Chrysanthi Nega, American College of Greece
Introduction to Educational Psychology, Rimesha Farooq, Forman Christian College

Explorations in Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning, Amy Osborne, Antioch College
Quantitaive Skills, Farheen Ibraheem, Forman Christian College

BIO 390B: Brain and Disease, Nipun Chopra, DePauw University
PS4751 Adult Psychopathology, Tinia Apergi, American College of Greece