2023-24 Globally Connected Courses

Freshman Composition I, Emilienne Akpan, American University of Nigeria
Academic English for the Liberal Arts, Yasmine Salah El-Din, The American University in Cairo

Educational Psychology, Rimesha Farooq, Forman Christian College
Society Impact on Health and Wellness: Examining Brain Health , Mohamed Salama, The American University in Cairo

Peace Education, Ashar Khokhar, Forman Christian College
Peace Education: Theory and Practice, Toshi Sasao, International Christian University

Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature, Heather Sottong, FLAME University
Recontextualizing Shakespearean Drama, Fatima Syeda, Forman Christian College

Educational Foundation: Access, Equity and Advocacy, Suellyn Henke, Albion College
Foundations of Education, Martin Thomas, Forman Christian College

Instructional Methods & Strategies, Syed Gardezi, Forman Christian College
ENGL0211 – Academic English for the Liberal Arts, Yasmine Salah El-Din, American University in Cairo

Classroom Management, Syeda Burhan, Forman Christian College
Educational Psychology, Mindith Rahmat, Antioch College

ENGL 210: African Migration & Return, Ernest Cole, Hope College
IR – 490 Introduction to Migration Studies, Clarissa Tabosa, BISLA

PSYC250: Abnormal Psychology, Erin Henshaw, Denison University
Disability and Society, Sara Newman, USFQ

THEA206-UGSEM3- Indian Theatre, Ashutosh Potdar, FLAME University
CLCS 254W Introduction to Postcolonial Literatures and Theories, Kate Roy, Franklin University Switzerland

Introduction to Folklore, Roger Adkins, Earlham College
Introduction to Arabic Literature, Meriem Sahli, Al Akhawayn University

American Nature Writing, Olga Nikolova, American University in Bulgaria
Impressionism / Postimpressionism, Iveta Slavkova, American University of Paris

Global Issues, Anna Kensicki, International University of Grande Bassam
Learning Theories, Ammar Husnain Khan, Forman Christian College

Building for Underdeveloped Egyptian Communities, Mohamed Darwish, American University in Cairo
Well-being, Taylor Allen, Oberlin College

Writing and Communication I, Nadia Iftikhar, Forman Christian College
WRI 101 Freshman Composition I, Emilienne Akpan, American University in Nigeria