2024-25 Global Course Connections

Introduction to Critical Thinking, Awatif Boudihaj, Al Akhawayn University
Introduction to Digital Humanities in Linguistics, Adeel Khalid, Forman Christian College

Special Topics in Economics: Development Economics, Ceyhun Elgin, American University in Bulgaria
Development Economics, Stephen Armah Ashesi University

Ethics and the Good Life, Avani Sabade, FLAME University
Physiology, Taylor Allen Oberlin College

Social Media in an Internconnected Society, Ilias Kapareliotis, American College of Greece
Educational Psychology, Ammar Khan Forman Christian College

Inclusive Education (focus on Disability and Society), Syeda Khadija Burhan, Forman Christian College
Disability, Literature, and Society, Sara Newman, Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Language and Society, Rebekah Rast, American University of Paris
Sociolinguistics, Maheen Zia, Forman Christian College

Modern to Contemporary in the Arab world, David Tresilian, American University of Paris
How to Change the World, Eva Paris-Huesca, Ohio Wesleyan University

Indian Society and Culture, Anup Tripathi, FLAME University
Language, Disability, and Sensory Ecologies, Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway Oberlin College

Intro to Int’l Studies: Making of the Modern World, Taku Suzuki, Denison University
Globalization – An Introduction, Hafsa Batool, Forman Christian College

LING 217 Introduction to Linguistics, Azeem ,Forman Christian College
LING 364 Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics, Mihyun Han, Hope College

INTN 130 Introduction to International Studies, Midori Yoshi, Albion College
335- Peace Education , Mehwish Raza, Forman Christian College

Chemistry and Environment, Abdelghani El Asli, Al Akhawayn University
Introduction to Chemistry, Shazma Azeem, Forman Christian College

Hadith, Status, Origin and Development, Nisar Ahmad, Forman Christian College
History of Islam, Ibra Sene,The College of Wooster

Industrial Psychology, Moitrayee Das, FLAME University
Social Entrepreneurship, Clifford Hurst, Ohio Wesleyan University

ENGL0211 – Academic English for the Liberal Arts, Yasmine Salah El-Din, American University in Cairo
Leadership in the Era of Black Lives Matter, Dawn Chisebe, Ohio Wesleyan University

MCOM 310 Mass Communication Studies, Shamail Zehra, Forman Christian College
COMM 211 Media Effects & Society, Phokeng Dailey, Ohio Wesleyan University

PR in Non-Profit Organizations, Emmanuel Skoulas, American College of Greece
Entrepreneurship and Critical Global Issues, Nellie El Enany, American University in Cairo

HC2300 Professional Communication, Gina Kostoulias, American College of Greece
Writing and Communication 101, Naomi Justin, Forman Christian College

Digital Lifeworlds and the Anthropology of Technology, Alia Shaddad, American University in Cairo
Digital Worlds: The Anthropology of the Internet, Baron Pineda, Oberlin College

Human Nutrition and Wellbeing, Lobna Mourad, American University in Cairo
Sociology of Food, Jennifer Johnson, Kenyon College
Introduction to Global Health, Gaybe Moore, Oberlin College

Introduction to Counseling Psychology, J. Gibson, Earlham College
Educational Psychology, Rimesha Farooq, Forman Christian College

PS4751 Adult Psychopathology, Tinia Apergi, American College of Greece
NEUR 349 Neuropsychology, Nipun Chopra, DePauw University

Language and Society , Ayatallah Mohamed Amin, American University in Cairo
Cosmos, Maria Patricia OrdoƱez, Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Choreography, Priya Joshi, FLAME University
Choreography I, Balinda Craig-Quijada,Kenyon College

Interfaith Relations and Dialogue, Zaneera Azam, Forman Christian College
Philosophy and the Religious Life, Elizabeth Schiltz, The College of Wooster