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Inter-institutional Visit Program

This program supports travel costs for short-term visits by faculty, staff, and administrators between Alliance schools to address a specific need for expertise identified by an Alliance campus. In some cases one or more Alliance personnel are brought to the requesting campus to run a workshop or consult with campus members. In other cases, a person or small team from the requesting campus travels to one or more other Alliance campuses to consult with experts. While visiting teams may be larger, funding from the Alliance typically cannot support the travel costs of more than two people. The program does not support visits intended to explore creating or strengthening bi- or multi-lateral relationships among Alliance schools.

The Alliance will cover airfare, a modest allowance for other travel costs (e.g., parking, meals, mileage), and up to $150 for obtaining a visa, including using a visa expediter. The host campus agrees to provide housing and most meals for the period of the visit.

Proposals for an inter-institutional visit should be submitted to Simon Gray by the president or chief academic officer of the hosting (requesting) institution. The proposal should describe the expertise requested, the person or persons who will be invited to provide the expertise, what the visitor(s) will do during the visit, and a tentative timetable for the visit. The request should also indicate how the institution will approach recommendations made by the visitors, including what resources will be available to fund implementation. Available funding will limit the number of proposals that can be supported each year.



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